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Mule Deer Table Lamp Moose Antler Wall Sconce Moose Antler Table Lamp Elk Antler Horseshoe Chandelier
3-Tier Elk & Moose Chandelier Wyoming Trophy Antler Works - Wisconsin Tradeshow Mule Deer Lamp Moose, Elk and Deer Antler Bench
Antler Table Lamp Elk and Moose Antler Chandelier Moose Antler Walnut Sofa Table Deer Sconces
Mule Deer Chandelier 8 Antler Elk Chandelier Antler Floor Lamp Mule Deer and Fallow Deer Chandelier


Antler Furniture Image Gallery Pages: 1 - 2


Furniture Options

All of the antler furniture we create is customized to suit any and all occasions. And if you have an idea for a "new creation", contact us via our online form and we'll give you a custom bid for the project.

~ Coffee Tables ~
~ Chairs ~
~ End Tables ~
~ Chandeliers ~
~ Love Seats ~
~ Couches ~
~ Benches ~
~ Table Lamps ~
~ Floor Lamps ~
~ Wall Sconces ~

...and More!

You have the choice of the following when ordering your furniture for your home, office, cabin or lodge:

Leather: From light to dark, smooth or weathered, suede to actual cowhide/hair, we have anything and everything you can think of.

Antlers: Elk, Moose, Whitetail Deer,
Mule Deer, Fallow Deer, Caribou and even Reindeer.

Wood: Walnut is the primary wood used but you may request Oak, Pine or almost anything you want!

Note: Prices are subject to change, as each item is custom-made and may utilize different types of leather, antler or wood than shown in the product images.

If you have any questions, please contact us through the Online Form or call us direct @ (307) 272-4093


"Our combination elk, moose and whitetail antler benches and chairs are awesome! Thanks for doing such a great job!"
~ Jeff & Robyn Anliker

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