About Wyoming Trophy Antler Works


Wyoming Trophy Antler Works has 15 years of experience making the highest quality antler artwork, accessories and furniture available on the market. We are passionate about our work, spending countless hours in order to create pieces with beautiful detail that you can enjoy in your home, office, cabin or lodge.

We enjoy spending time in the mountains searching for the best naturally shed antlers to make the perfect pieces of artwork, accessories and furniture and guarantee your satisfaction on every product we handcraft . 

Even our children are involved, helping my wife and I"search for antlers that have been shed by free-range animals. Our family, Kassie (wife), Randy (me), and our two kids Trey and Oaklee have an enjoyable business that involves the whole family, giving us great memories in the mountains as well as the satisfaction of creating antler furniture and artwork that will be enjoyed by our customers for years to come!


Hunting with the Family

Although we do not kill game in order to supply antlers for our furniture, accessories and artwork designs, we do spend quite a bit of time hunting, something that is very enjoyable for our entire family.

My wife is an avid hunter and a great shot. She is pictured with our son Trey and an antelope.
A beautiful day and a great hunt. Here I am pictured with a 5-point mule deer.

Searching for Antlers

As you can see below, our family spends quite a bit of time looking for a variety of antlers for our designs. It is a lot of hard work, but that is how we find the best usable antlers.

Viewing the canyon below with my son. Collecting antlers is hard, heavy work.
My son Trey, me and my wife showing off the large amount of antlers collected. A good haul!

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