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Sofa Table with Two End Tables 4'x6' Coffee Table with Walnut Top 10 Point Whitetail Deer Chandelier Single Antler Chair and Footstool
Antler Love Seat and Two Chairs with Footstools Walnut End Table Mule Deer Lamp with Shade Moose, Elk and Deer Antler Bench
Mule Deer lamp with shade Elk and Moose Antler Chandelier Moose Antler Walnut Sofa Table Deer Sconces
Mule Deer Chandelier 8 Antler Elk Chandelier Elk Antler Floor Lamp with Shade Mule Deer and Fallow Deer Chandelier


Antler Furniture Image Gallery Pages: 1 - 2


Furniture Choices

All of our products can be customized anyway you like as we offer a variety of types of antlers, leather, wood and upholstery.

Leathers: Cowhide (blue, green red and brown), dark or light brown smooth leather and suede.

Antlers: Moose, elk, whitetail deer, mule deer, fallow deer, caribou and reindeer.

Wood: Walnut, Oak or most anything you want!

Current Products: antler floor lamps, elk antler chandeliers, moose antler chandeliers, antler table lamps, deer antler chandeliers, antler lighting, antler chandeliers antler lamps, antler tables table lamps, wall sconces, benches, sofa tables, end tables, coffee tables, chairs, love seats, footstools

Although Wyoming Trophy Antler Works supplies you with a list of products to help make ordering easier, each product is UNIQUE and there are no two alike. And if you want a variation of a particular product that you see, or if you want a totally customized product that we have never created, we can do that too!

If you have any questions, please contact us through the Online Form or call us direct @ (307) 272-4093

Quality Furniture

"Randy Smith of Wyoming Trophy Antler Works does absolutely the finest antler creations I have ever seen.  That is why my house is filled with many pieces of his work.  It is obvious to me that he is a perfectionist and nothing but the best will do.  All of his work is from the highest grade antlers put together with no noticeable defects or assemble holes.  Absolutely incredible."
~ Tim and Lori Patrick

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